Basilisk Knight OSRS Guide: A Beast With a Deadly Gaze

Runescape much like any MMO title worth its stock, has a wealth of enemies that pose a huge threat to the wellbeing of every adventurer. The moment you embark on a slayer quest and step foot into a dungeon, the danger ramps up as a multitude of fearsome creatures stand in your way of success. These creatures may be fodder monsters, common variants, strong and powerful mid-range enemies, or superior boss variants. What we are saying is that these monsters come in all shapes and sizes and no matter what creature you face, you have to award each challenge the respect it deserves.

There are so many monsters within OSRS. So much so that it can be a little overwhelming traveling through slayer dungeons and not knowing how to handle each monster. However, don’t worry as we are here to make things better. We have created a series of guides that give you all the information you could possibly need about every monster within the OSRS series. Meaning that you can take all these challenges on in the best way possible.

In this guide, we take a look at the Basilisk Knight, a slayer monster with a relatively high combat level and a variety of excellent drops for those that can best them in battle. We hope this guide helps you slay this beast and progress further in your RS journey.

What is a Basilisk Knight in OSRS?

Basilisk Knight

A Basilisk Knight is an intermediate/advanced level enemy within OSRS. In terms of appearance, this creature is one that walks on all fours and is large in stature. The creature has a brown streak that runs down the center of its very muscular back, then the best of its body is a dark grey color. The creature has crimson red eyes, tusks that protrude out of its largemouth, with one facing down and one facing up on each side. The monster has hind legs with five claws on which it places most of its weight. Then it has five claws on each hand. The creature walks upon its knuckles like a Gorilla.

As you can see, this creature looks the part but how does it shape up in terms of facts and figures. Well, here are the stats belonging to a Basilisk Knight, allowing you to see exactly what you are up against:

  • HP: 300
  • Attack: 186
  • Strength: 186
  • Defence: 186
  • Magic: 186
  • Ranged: 1

This creature has a combat level of 204, is 3×3 tiles in size, has a max hit of 20 points when using its melee attack, has an attack speed of four seconds, it has an attached slayer level of sixty and players who best this creature will receive 300xp. It also goes without saying that this monster belongs to the Basilisk monster family.

It is also worth noting that up until October of 2019, this beast was significantly weaker and had no access to a special attack. However, this was changed when the stats for this creature were significantly improved and a special attack similar to the one used by The Jormungand was added. The creature was also able to be safely spotted but this is no longer the case.

Where Can You Find Basilisk Knights In OSRS?

While standard Basilisks are more common, Basilisk Knights can only be found in very specific locations. The one location where you will find these creatures is within Jormungand’s Prison, beneath the Island of Stone. Within this dungeon, you will find standard Basilisks, Daganoths and Basilisk Knights. As you enter the dungeon, the Basilisk Knights are located in the south cavern and the south-west cavern. You’ll find twenty of these beasts in total.

To enter this location, it is important to remember that you will need to have completed The Fremennik Exiles quest. If not, you will not be able to access this area, and even if you could, the area would not contain the creatures you wish to encounter. The closest areas to this Dungeon are Miscellania, Waterbirth Island, Troll Country and Kandarin.

To access this dungeon, you will need to travel to the Island of Stone, an island in the Lunar Sea. To access this in the simplest and easiest way possible, the player can use several teleports and tools to cut down on travel time. You can use the Fremennik sea boots to travel to Rellekka which you can get through the Fremennik Diary. Another option is the use of an enchanted lyre, or you could the Lunar Spells Waterbirth Teleport or the Tele Group Waterbirth which will take you to Jarvald who in turn, will take you to Rellekka.

Do Basilisk Knights Have Any Immunities?

Yes, Basilisk Knights are sturdy creatures that can withstand just about anything you throw at them that isn’t a standard attack type. They are immune to poison, venom, thralls and you cannot set up any cannons within the area that you encounter them as it is not a multi-combat arena, meaning they are immune to cannons too. This means that if you want to beat a Basilisk Knight, you will need to do so on merit as cheap tricks will not work on this enemy type.

What Are The Requirements to Battle a Basilisk Knight?

Basilisk Knight Attack

As we mentioned above, one requirement is that you need to have finished The Fremennik Exiles quest to even have access to these beasts. However, there are also other requirements that the player will need to meet. One of those is a slayer rating of sixty. This is the level where the slayer task becomes available to the player and without a slayer task active, you will not be able to fight Basilisk Knights. This task is assigned by the five major Slayer Masters.

In terms of the stats that you should have going into this battle, they should reflect that of an adventurer who can handle a beast with a combat level of over 200. This means that your base stats will need to be around the 70-80 mark and you will also need to have a prayer stat that is at least 70 so you have access to the Piety prayer. Here are the recommended player stats before taking on a Basilisk Knight:

  • Hit Points: 80
  • Attack: 80
  • Defense: 80
  • Strength: 80
  • Ranged: 75
  • Prayer: 70

Then additionally, while it is not absolutely necessary, especially if you are using ranged weapons. We would advise that players go into this battle with V’s Shield or a Mirror Shield. This will protect you from the monster’s drain effects and allow you to avoid taking heavy damage.

Is Their a Superior Variant of this Monster?

Yes, the superior variant of this monster is known as the Basilisk Sentinel. This creature has the chance of spawning after you kill a Basilisk Knight so long as you have purchased the Bigger and Badder unlock for 150 slayer points. In terms of appearance, this monster is very similar in terms of size and structure to the Basilisk Knight. However, the defining feature of a Sentinel is the white streak along the center of its back.

With regards to how this creature differs from the Basilisk Knight in terms of attack style and behavior, it has a unique special attack where it can shoot red, colored orbs and if the player is hit by this attack, they will be encased in stone and unable to move or attack for a few seconds. This attack has a cooldown of 30 seconds, meaning that it isn’t a constant concern but certainly something to watch out for. Here are the base stats for this Goliath Basilisk:

  • Hitpoints : 520
  • Attack: 274
  • Defense: 274
  • Strength: 274
  • Magic: 274
  • Ranged: 1

This creature has a combat level of 358, has a max hit of 40 if struck with the special attack, has an attacking style of magic and melee, has an attack speed of four seconds, has an immunity to poison and venom, has a slayer level of sixty and will award the player 5590xp if they manage to take it down. It is also worth noting that the average drop price of a Basilisk Sentinel is 72,000 gold.

How to Defeat a Basilisk Knight

So, now that you know what the Basilisk is, where to find it and what it is all about. You now need to know what you’ll have to do to slay one of these beasts. As we mentioned, having a Mirror Shield or V’s Shield is very important in this fight.

Especially if you aim to take this monster down through melee or magic attacks. This creature has the ability to deal huge damage to those without these items equipped and will drain your stats, making it near impossible to win the fight. So before you even consider fighting a Basilisk Knight, invest in one of these defensive items.

After you have done this, you’ll be in a position where you can confront these beasts, so you’ll need to know what they will throw at you. Firstly, these monsters have an attack pattern of alternating magic and melee, which take place 2.4 seconds apart. So the best way to defend against this is by swapping to the appropriate prayer as soon as the last attack has landed. If you have suitable Melee armor, you may be able to consistently rely on magic protection prayers and let your armor absorb the alternate hits.

As for equipment, the setup that we would recommend is as follows:

Helmet: Inquisitor’s great helm or Slayers Helm

Necklace: Amulet of torture

Cape: Infernal max cape

Top: Inquisitor’s hauberk

Bottom: Inquisitor’s plate skirt

Weapon: Inquisitor’s mace

Shield: V’s shield

Gloves: Ferocious gloves

Boots: Primordial boots

Ring: Berserker ring (i)

It is also worth noting that if you are aiming to best this monster multiple times to make gold from the drops, you should make sure that the slayer task is active. If it isn’t your chances of receiving a Basilisk Jaw (one of the best drops for this monster) drops from 5000/1 to 1000/1. This still seems unlikely but in hours-long sessions, this can make hundreds of thousands worth of difference to the profit you walk away with.

What Drops Does a Basilisk Knight Offer?

Basilisk Knight Offer

Speaking of profit, it’s time to take a look at the loot that adventurers can claim if they manage to slay this hulking creature. This enemy has several unique items that are specific to their monster category, items that are guaranteed with every kill, and some very high-profile items that help to raise the price of each kill drastically. However, you may be wondering just what is on offer when taking on the Basilisk Knight. Well, allow us to clear that up for you. Here is every good drop item from a Basilisk Knight:

  • Big Bones (Guaranteed) – 123 Gold
  • Rune battleaxe – 24,452 Gold
  • Rune Axe – 7069 Gold
  • Rune Scimitar – 14,839 gold
  • Rune spear – 11,848 gold
  • Rune med helm – 11,031 gold
  • Rune dagger – 4381 gold
  • Adamant platelegs – 3428 Gold
  • Adamant kiteshield – 2872 Gold
  • Grimy snapdragon – 8901 Gold
  • Grimy torstol – 7257 Gold
  • Grimy ranarr weed – 7409 gold
  • Shield left half – 65,324 gold
  • Dragon spear – 37,836 gold
  • Mystic hat (light) – 8435 Gold
  • Basilisk jaw – 16,555,304 gold

It is also worth noting that the average price of a Basilisk Knight drop is about 20,000K when on a slayer task and about 7.5K when not on a task.

What If I Die Battling One of These Creatures?

As these creatures do not constitute an instanced boss event, the player will have the opportunity to return to the area where they died and retrieve their gear. However, if the player dies on their way back to the items and fails to retrieve them, there will be no way to get them back. So we would say that caution is very important when tracking back for lost items. We would also suggest packing light to fight these enemies in case you encounter other players.

How Many Basilisk Knights Can You Kill in One Hour?

Basilisk Knights offer a challenge that is on the lower end of advanced. Players who take on this challenge will need to have a decent slayer level, good base stats, and will have a good understanding of the game with countless hours of experience.

So with that in mind, we believe that even the most average of adventurers that take on the Basilisk Knight will be able to kill this creature in about two minutes. This means that you will be able to rack up about 30 kills in one hour. Just to clarify, in terms of gold on average, that translates to about 300K. So it’s well worth taking on these monsters and chaining kills.

A Knight To Remember

Basilisk Knight OSRS

As you can see from the information above, the Basilisk Knight is no joke. The creature has a very powerful attack, great stats, a very imposing superior variant, will require specific items for the player to fight, will also require the player to complete certain quests, and most importantly, this creature has the potential to drop one of the most expensive items in the game. So you would be a fool to pass up the opportunity. So get down to Jormungand’s Prison and make this monster wish it was never hatched.


If you have reached the end of the article and you still have some burning questions that need to be answered. Well, maybe our FAQ section can give you the clarity which you seek. Check it out below:

Question: Why is The Basilisk Jaw So Special?

Answer: Well, this is for two reasons. One is due to the fact that this item is worth a staggering 16,555,304 gold. However, this is arguably due to the other reason. This item is a key component which when combined with an item called the helm of Neitiznot, can create the Neitiznot faceguard. This is a very desirable item as it has the highest strength bonus of any helm within the game. This helmet is in theory worth 550,000 gold. However, this is an unreadable item which explains why the component, the Basilisk Jaw has such a high price tag.

It is also worth noting that this helm requires 70 defense to wear, requires that the player complete The Fremennik Exiles quest to create and the player will only be able to trigger this crafting ability by speaking to Olaf the Bard when the player has a Basilisk’s Jaw in their inventory.

Question: What Does The Player Get for Completing The Fremennik Exiles Quest?

Answer: The Fremennik Exiles is marked as a master difficulty quest, not only because of the perils, puzzles and requirements that players will have to meet. It is also a very long questline that will take quite a while to see to the end. However, if the player manages to see off all the challenges that this advanced quest has to throw at them, they will be greatly rewarded. With what we hear you ask. Well, here is the rewards that one will receive if they complete this quest:
2 Quest Points
V’s Shield
Access to the island of stone
Ability to mark a Basilisk Knight for your active slayer task
A Fremennik honorific, Dräpare, added to the player’s Fremennik name
Ability to craft a Neitiznot Face Guard
15,000 slayer XP
15,000 crafting XP
5,000 Runecraft XP

Question: What is the Bigger and Badder Slayer Reward?

Answer: Well, first of all, slayer rewards are perks that one can purchase with slayer points which are earned from completing slayer tasks. These include items that players can claim, abilities that players can make use of, crafting recipes that can come in handy and new monsters which can be assigned to your slayer task. However, one perk called Bigger and Badder gives the player a unique perk which means that there will be a random chance that a slain monster will then respawn as a superior variant. This means better drops and more XP for the player, provided they are up to the challenge.

So that is our guide giving you all the information you could possibly need about Basilisk Knights in OSRS. What did you make of this guide? Was this guide helpful and informative to you? What other guides would you like to see from us in the future? Let us know in the comments below and as always, thank you for reading Runefanatics.

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