Sins of the Father OSRS Guide

The Myreque quest series is one of the darkest and most melancholy of all the quest lines in Old School RuneScape. It features a country’s struggle against the dark and evil vampire forces that wish to keep it in an iron grip of their control. The quest series comes to a climax with the OSRS Sins of the Father quest guide, a fitting send-off for a quest line that stands out from its more light-hearted peers so significantly. So, if you want to wrap up one of the most sinister and somber quest lines in Old School RuneScape, here is everything you’ll need to know.

Key Info Up Front

Members Only: Yes

Official Difficulty: Master

Official Length: Long

Prerequisite Quests: Vampyre Slayer, A Taste of Hope, Darkness of Hallowvale, In Aid of the Myreque, In Search of the Myreque, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost

Required Skills: Woodcutting Level 62, Fletching Level 60, Crafting Level 56, Agility Level 52, Attack Level 50, Slayer Level 50, Magic Level 49

Required Items: Axe or RS gold to buy one, Vyrewatch Outfit, Ivandis Flail, Ruby, Knife, Chisel, Runes for Level Three Enchant Spell, Pickaxe

Quest Rewards: 2x Quest Points, Access to the Darkmeye area, 1x Tome of Experience, Blisterwood Flail, Access to the True Blood Altar

Sins of the Father Overview

Sins of the Father takes place just after the freedom fighters in Myreque managed to kill the Vampire Lord Ranis Drakan, that had been plaguing their lands for so long. It was the first real victory they could achieve, but their celebrations were cut short when the even more powerful Lord Lowerniel Drakan comes out of hiding to avenge his brother. And to do so, he plans on killing every single Myrequen.

World-threatening stakes are nothing new for OSRS quests, but the emotional stakes and inherently dark subject matter of Sins of the Father make it stand out. With the difficulty rating of Master and Long length, it is also a real undertaking for any player to try and tackle. Once you’ve fought your way to this quest in the series, however, you’ll find it more than worth the effort as it is an excellent conclusion to the story.

Required Skills

Before tackling this quest you’ll have to get a whopping seven skills up to reasonably high levels. By the time you consider doing Sins of the Father you will likely have most of these requirements met or be relatively close. If that isn’t the case, however, below, you’ll find the best ways to grind experience to reach each skill level required.

Magic Level 49

Sins of the Father OSRS

When training your Magic level in OSRS you don’t have to cast many combat spells. For example, you can reach Magic Level 34 quickly by completing some quests. This is the most efficient way to cover the lower levels of the skill. The quests you have to complete are:

  • Witch’s Potion
  • Imp Catcher
  • Fairytale I – Growing Pains
  • The Grand Tree
  • Lumbridge Guide
  • Watchtower

Once you’re done with questing, you can get up to the required Magic Level 49 for this quest by Enchanting Crossbow Bolts. Even better, casting the spell can be done while running or grinding out other abilities, so you can do this section alongside any of the grinding you have to do for the below skills. However, you’ll have to go through many gem-tipped crossbow bolts and runes to use this method, which can get very expensive.

If you want a more passive way to grind or can’t afford to spend money on enchanting supplies, there is an alternative option. To progress from Magic Level 1 to 55, get any magic staff. Then use it to save on rune costs and cast low-level attacks of the same element on crabs to quickly kill them and farm experience without any upfront costs beyond the staff. Crabs can be found in large groups on Fossil Island, Hosidius, and Rellekka. This method works particularly well if you have at least Defense Level 30 to help you avoid damage from their attacks and not worry about healing.

Slayer Level 50

Training the Slayer skill is a bit more straightforward. To do so, you’ll have to head to the Slayer headquarters and accept missions to undertake. There is no optimal path to go through, so feel free to take whatever ones strike your fancy, and make sure to bring plenty of food and combat potions to help you along the way.

Attack Level 50

You will likely have your Attack Level high enough to be the point you reach attempting this quest. If you don’t, grinding Slayer experience should get you the rest of the way as long as you use melee weapons.

Agility Level 52

To level up your Agility skill, you’ll need to travel across Gielinor and run around various courses completing obstacles during each lap. For the first ten levels, you’ll need to go to the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course and run around it just over a dozen times. You’ll then be ready to move on to the Draynor Village Rooftop Course, which you can do until you reach Agility Level 30.

From there, head over to Varrock and complete laps around its rooftop course to reach level 40. You can head over to the Canifis Rooftop Course for your final twelve levels. I also suggest bringing food or other healing items when you first start training, as you’ll take some light damage whenever you fail to complete an obstacle. If you have access to Stamina Potions, those can also be helpful so that you can continue running for longer and finish laps faster.

Crafting Level 56


Thankfully, reaching Crafting level 56 is a pretty straightforward, although it can get quite expensive. For the first 20 levels, you should focus on making the best leather gear that you can use cowhide to make leather. If you need cowhide, you can buy it in bulk on the Grand Exchange or kill cows outside of Lumbridge for a while. After you reach level 20, you should move on to cutting gems, which can be done to get you up to Crafting Level 77 if you wish. It will take hundreds of gems to level up this high, so you’ll likely want to buy them from the Grand Exchange to avoid having to mine for hours to gather the gems you need. The gems you should cut and at what level are below:

  • Level 20: Sapphire
  • Level 27: Emerald
  • Level 34: Ruby
  • Level 43: Diamond
  • Level 55: Dragonstone

Fletching Level 60

Fletching is a skill all about making different arrows and bolts for ranged combat. It works similarly to the enchanting above in that it can be leveled passively, so feel free to work on this section while working on another. For the first five levels of training Fletching, you’ll be making Arrow Shafts. This requires you to use 78 logs, which you can get for free while grinding your Woodcutting below.

Once you reach Fletching Level 5, moving on to crafting bows is faster. You can make arrows if you want to level up from here, but bows require less attention and can lead to a profit if you source your wood. If you don’t want to worry about sourcing strings to string the bows, you can leave them unstrung, especially if you have enough logs from grinding Woodcutting. The types of bows you should make starting at each Fletching level are below:

  • Level 5: Shortbow
  • Level 10: Longbow
  • Level 20: Oak Shortbow
  • Level 25: Oak Longbow
  • Level 35: Willow Shortbow
  • Level 40: Willow Longbow
  • Level 50: Maple Shortbow
  • Level 55: Maple Longbow

Woodcutting Level 62

Woodcutting can be a very monotonous skill to level up. Thankfully, there are quests that you can complete to jump to Woodcutting Level 26. These quests are below:

  • Monk’s Friend
  • Enlightened Journey
  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper
  • Skrach Uglogwee part of Recipe for Distaster

Once you have those quests out of the way, you should chop Oak Trees in Lumbridge or elsewhere until you reach level 35. At that point, you have two options. If you also have to level your Fletching, I recommend moving to different types of trees to gather logs for crafting. While this will take you more time, it will save you money in the long run. If you don’t need to train Fletching, you should cut down Teak Trees until you reach Woodcutting Level 63.

Sons of the Father Required Items

Vyrewatch Outfit

Vyrewatch Outfit

This item can be obtained during the quest, and if you don’t have one already, you’ll have to buy it from Trader Sven’s Black-Market Goods for 1,950 coins.

Ivandis Flail

This is a quest item earned during the quest A Taste of Hope. If you lost it, you can make another one, or you can purchase a new one from Vertida Sefalatis for 20,000 coins, which is much faster.


There’s a good chance you’ll have an extra ruby or two from grinding for the Crafting experience. If you don’t, purchase one from the Grand Exchange.

Runes for Level Three Enchant

For this spell, you need one Cosmic Rune and five Fire Runes. If you want to save some money, you can make your own using Runemaking if you’re at least Runemaking Level 27, or you can buy them off the Grand Exchange.

Sins of the Father Walkthrough

Getting Started


Required Items: Combat Equipment

To officially start the Sins of the Father quest, you need to reach Slepe and talk to Veliaf Hurtz there. You have two options to reach Slepe. The first is to teleport with Drakan’s Medallion to arrive at Ver Sinhaza and run the rest of the way. The second is getting to Ectofntus and paying an NPC named Andras 10,000 coins to take you to Slepe at the docks.

Regardless of how you get to Slepe, head straight to the church to find Veliaf just outside of it. He will fill you in on a sleeping plague impacting the town and ask for your help. You’ll then need to enter the church and talk with Hameln the Jester to get more information. From there, you’ll head southeast to the tavern called The Rat and Bat. Go inside, talk to Carl, and ask where he got his Bloody Bracers. Head to the back of the pub outside and investigate the barrel before following Carl.

While you follow Carl, he will periodically turn around, and you’ll have to be hiding to avoid getting caught. To avoid this first, hide behind the north doors of the church until he passes. Then go north and hide behind the trees as you follow him. Once you are at the center of Slepe, you can keep hiding in the trees near the gallows. Stay there until he goes to the graveyard, and then you need to go to the plants just outside of its entrance. You’ll then watch him enter a place called the Sisterhood Sanctuary and will have to follow him in.

Entering the Sisterhood Sanctuary will trigger a cutscene where you watch Carl talk with Kroy about you. Carl will then leave, and you’ll witness Damien Leucurte and Vanstrom Klause visit with Kroy and talk about the Elixir of Everlasting. After the cutscene is over, you’ll enter the lab and enter combat with Kroy. Kroy uses melee and magic attacks, so you’ll want to use the Protect from Magic prayer to give you some extra defense. You can fight him in any way you want, but watch out for a vial appearing in his hands during the fight. This telegraphs an attack that will weaken you if it lands, so make sure to move out of the way once you see it.

After you kill Kroy, you’ll need to destroy both of his lab tables before returning to Veliaf to tell them what you found.

The Return of the Vampyres

The Return of the Vampyres

Required Items: Knife, Axe, Combat Equipment, Ivandis Flail

When you return to Veliaf and talk to him, he’ll fill you in on what has been happening in the region. Recent rumors and events will point toward the local werewolf population, so you are sent to investigate them. Before heading out, however, Veliaf will want you to come along to check in with Drezel and Ivan Strom. So, head to Paterdomus and talk to Drezel there.

Drezel will then inform you and Veliaf that the Werewolves have been kidnapping more people recently and that Ivan has gone on a mission to spy on them. You and Veliaf go to find Ivan and help him, so head to the southern side of Fenkenstrain’s Castle to see him. This will trigger a cutscene of a family of werewolves giving a family over to Damien Leucurte. Before you and your companions can do anything, the three of you are knocked back by Vanescula Drakan and snared.

Vanescula will then talk to the three of you and offers a way for you to help her kill her last brother, Lord Drakan. This seems like a good deal since Lord Drakan is the most powerful and evil of the vampires, but Vanescula refuses to reveal her reasons for wanting him dead then. Instead, she tells the three of you to meet her at Icyene Graveyard will every member of Myreque.

After you all are freed, Veliaf travels to the group’s hideout to inform them of the events while you go with Ivan to Burgh de Rott. To do so, you have to walk to Canifis and talk to Ivan just outside of the temple there. Along your way, you’ll come across four obstacles. The first is a River Crossing. To cross it, use your knife to cut three vines from nearby trees. Combine those vines and you’ll get a Long Vine that can be thrown on the branch of the large tree nearby, allowing you to swing across.

The second Sins of the Father puzzle is an attack from three Nail Beasts. The combat is pretty straightforward, and if you’re worried about Ivan dying during it, you can heal him with food. The next obstacle you’ll come across is a Broken Bridge. For this one, you’ll have to cut down the trees nearby and use the logs you get to fill the gap in the bridge. The final obstacle is an attack from two Vampyre Juvinates. To combat them, you’ll need to use the Ivandis Flail. To prevent them from attacking Ivan make sure to attack the one in front of him first and then the one in front of you immediately after to get both of their attention.

A New Plan


Required Items: Pickaxe, Combat Equipment

Once you reach Burgh de Rott speak to Ivan and follow him to the dock. Once you get the dock you have to talk to either Veliaf or Ivan before you board the boat so that the option to sail to Icyene Graveyard is available. Then, sail to the Icyene Graveyard, where Safalaan’ll greet you. Vanescula will then join you there, and a cutscene will start with her explaining her plan.

She explains that there is an imbalance between vampyres and humans and that she wants to have them live in peace as they once did long ago. To do this, however, she needs to have Lord Drakan dead so that she can take his place on the throne. However, she wants the Myreque to kill him instead of her so that she doesn’t anger any other vampyres and can take the throne peacefully.

Vanescula will then pull you aside, along with Veliaf and Safalaan. She reveals that she knows about Safalaan’s secret heritage and powers and as a sign of good faith, tells you that they can be unlocked in a nearby locked mausoleum. To open the mausoleum, you’ll have to complete a puzzle. The puzzle is randomly generated for each player and requires you to remove numbers from the grid so that the numbers in each row and column match the numbers on the bottom and right axis of the table. The puzzle can be a bit confusing, so if you don’t want to figure it out, there is a handy tool here to solve it for you.

A cutscene will play after you finish the Sins of the Father puzzle that reveals the true nature of Safalaan’s ancestry. You then will have to talk to the following NPCs in this specific order: Ivan Strom, Vertida Sefalatis, Kael Forshaw, Radigad Ponfit, Polmafi Ferdygris, and Veliaf Hurtz. Once you talk to them, they will all agree to work with Vanescula, you’ll be sent to a secret laboratory under Meiyerditch to find a way to upgrade the Ivandis Flail.

Once you reach Meiyerditch, look for a house with a large red and yellow tapestry on one wall that you can cut through to get the laboratory. Once you’re inside, talk to Safalaan. You’ll have to kill a Mutated Bloodveld on your own, but it is an easy fight that shouldn’t give you any problems, regardless of how you approach it. Afterward, talk to Safalaan again and then go to the room to your west and search the bookshelves there. You’ll eventually find a book called Haemalchemy Volume 2, which you need to give to Safalaan. You will then be told to return to Icyene Graveyard.

A Plan in Motion

Required Items: Ivandis Flail, Armor, Vyrewatch Outfit (or 1,950 coins to get one), Axe

Once you arrive back at Icyene Graveyard, talk to Vanescula, Safalaan, or Veliaf to continue the quest. They will tell you of the Blisterwood Tree, made of wood lethal to vampyres. However, the only known Blisterwood Tree is in Darkmeyer, so you’ll need to make a disguise to reach it. To do so, you need a Vyrewatch Outfit. If you don’t already have one, travel to Trader Sven’s Black-Market Goods, where you can buy one for 1,950 coins once you have one, head to the Myreque Hideout under Old Man Ral’s house and talk to Polmafi Ferdygris, who can modify it to work for this mission.

After the disguise is altered, go back to Icyene Graveyfard and talk to Vanescula again. She will inform you that the disguise must also be scented with the blood of a noble vampire, and get it, she points you in the direction of Damien Leucurte. Damien can only be harmed with the Ivandis Flail so bring some food, prayer potions, combat potions, and ant poison along with you if you can. Once ready for the fight, go to Slepe and talk to Veliaf. You’ll then be able to go to Crombwick manor and fight Damien.

During the fight, you’ll have to stomp out fires that he magically starts in the room. Otherwise they will drastically raise his resistance. Apart from that, the fight is straightforward. Once Damien is killed, speak to Veliaf and then go back to Icyene Graveyard to talk to Vanescula. She will tell you of a crack in the wall on the southern border of Darkmeyer that you can use to enter it.

So, wear your Vyre Noble Disguise and ask a Vyrewatch to send you to the mines. You won’t have to mine anything to get out as a noble, so exit and head north to find the crack in Darkmeyer’s wall. Once inside, head to the Arboretum in the middle of the city and try to enter. A guard will stop you, but he will offer to let you in if you find Mordan Nikazsi for him.

Mordan is located in the city’s lower tier in a house by the eastern wall just north of the furnace. He will tell you that the enslaved people he was supposed to give to the guard were sold to Lord Alexei Jovkai, so you’ll have to go to the prison to the south of the Food Shop. Once you’re there, speak to Maria Gadderanks. You’ll be told that you can’t have the slaves, and your cover will almost be blown, but Vanescula’s servant’ll save you.

Afterward, go back to the Arboretum, and you’ll be let in. Search the knocked-over shelves to find an Old Note and read it to find out how many gallons are needed to hydrate the tree before cutting it. Use the valves by the Arboretum’s entrance to do so and then cut eight logs from the tree and head back to Icyene Graveyard.

The Final Act

The Final Act

Required Items: 8x Blister Wood Logs, Knife, Chisel, Ruby, Ivandis Flail, 5x Fire Runes, 1x Chaos Rune, Combat Gear

Once you reach Icyene Graveyard, talk to Vanescula. You then have to head to the Myreque Hideout under Old Man Ral’s house again and speak to Vertida to upgrade the Ivandis Flail. To do so, you’ll need to search the crate nearby to get a Silver Sickle. Combine that with your Ruby, and then cast Lvl-3 Enchant on it. Then, combine it with the Blister Wood Logs to create a Blisterwood Sickle. Finally, combine that with the Ivandis Flail to get the Blisterwood Flail.

After you’ve upgraded the flail, go back to Icyene Graveyard and talk to Veliaf. He’ll send you to find Safalaan to the north. Talk to him and then return to the graveyard and speak to Vanescula. You will be taken to Castle Drakan as her prisoner, and after some plot beats, you’ll have to fight Vanstrom Klause. This fight is extremely difficult. You’ll need options to boost your magic defense if you want any hope of surviving.

You’ll also need to dodge his special attacks to win the fight. He has three special attacks that you have to worry about. The first summons an Acidic Bloodveld that you’ll have to kill from a distance as it explodes when it dies. The second is a special attack that occurs after around 10 regular attacks and requires you to turn around from him to avoid damage. The final special attack summons a Blood Orb that buffs his attacks. You can kill it yourself at the cost of taking 30 damage or lure him over to it to make him accidentally kill it.

After you bring him down to 0 health, he will heal back to 200 but stop using special attacks. However, he will summon lightning strikes, so watch the ground and avoid shadows, so they don’t hit you. After Vanstrom is killed, Sefalaan will plead with him to stop since earlier in the quest, it was revealed that Vanstrom was his father. Vanstrom, however, reveals that he remembers and doesn’t care. Sefalaan then unleashes his hidden powers and kills him.

Sefalaan is left unconscious and is too far away to be helped, so Ivan teleports you, Veliaf, and himself out of the castle. This is seen as the ultimate defeat and end of the Myreque and the quest’s end.


Question: Is Sins of the Father the last quest in the Myreque quest line?

Answer: No, it has been confirmed that another quest in the quest line will be released. However, a date for its release has yet to be announced.

Question: How long is the Sins of the Father OSRS quest?

Answer: Sins of the Father will likely take you around an hour or two to complete depending on how well prepared for it you are.

Question: How do you beat Vanstrom Klause?

Answer: To beat Vanstrom, you must watch out for his special attacks and react accordingly. Once you get to the second phase, you have to pay attention to the shadows on the ground to avoid getting struck by lightning.

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