Recruitment Drive OSRS Guide

Back when I first started RuneScape many years ago when I was a kid, I still remember strolling through Falador at the time. The massive White Knight Fortress had me so intrigued with what was going on in the sterile town.

It wasn’t until several years ago that I finally got that opportunity, starting with the first quest in the Temple Knight series. That quest happens to be the star of this Recruitment Drive OSRS guide.

You see, Recruitment Drive is the very first quest that you can take on in Falador that will begin the Temple Knight series. Suppose you’ve wanted to join this elite group of soldiers in service to the Kingdom of Asgarnia.

In that case, you are in the right place. It all begins with this first, relatively simple, and easy quest that you can accomplish without too much trouble. Here’s everything that you need to know about how to do it in this Recruitment Drive OSRS guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Recruitment Drive is the first of four quests that exist in the Temple Knight quest series. You can start it by heading to Falador and speaking with Sir Amik Varze, who will usher you into the Temple Knights by guiding you to a recruitment test of sorts.

The test includes five phases you must complete and pass, but the catch is that they are somewhat randomized, and you will need to play as a female character at one point in the mission.

Quest Details Up Front

Recruitment Drive OSRS - Quest Details

Here are the general details that you should know about when it comes to the first Temple Knights quest, Recruitment Drive:

  • Members Only: Yes
  • Official Length: Short (it can be completed in just a few minutes if you meet the requirements and recommendations)
  • Official Difficulty: Novice (This really is a breeze to complete, even easier than one of its prerequisite quests, in my opinion)
  • Required Quests: Black Knights’ Fortress, Druidic Ritual
  • Required Items3,000 coins to switch to a female character if you are currently playing as a male, empty inventory
  • Optional Items/SkillsLevel 20 or higher combat level for the required fight
  • Required Skills: None
  • Quest Rewards: 1 Quest Point, 1000 Agility experience, 1000 Herblore experience, 1000 Prayer experience, Falador spawn point, Initiate Sallet, 3000 coins (males only), and makeover voucher (males only)

Recruitment Drive OSRS Overview

Regarding the members-only quests out there, Recruitment Drive is one of the first that I recommend to newer members and players. It is not only one of the easiest, but it is pretty fun, too, being a trial of sorts to determine whether or not you will be able to enter the Temple Knights.

The quest line that follows after Recruitment Drive is also notable in its own right, continuing the story in a fun way. Since this quest and its sequel missions are pretty easy enough on their own, it is best to tackle these early so that you can benefit from their excellent rewards.

Of course, the only issue with this quest is that you must complete a few other missions before you can do it. Those are considered harder than this one, so that can be a hindrance for some players looking to tackle Recruitment Drive and earn a spawn point in Falador.

Thankfully, you aren’t alone when it comes to this task. I’ve got your back with everything you need to know to complete this Old School RuneScape quest.


The Temple Knights are holding a recruitment drive in their hub city of Falador to join the White Knights. Since you have already proven yourself to the organization in the past with your defeat of the Black Knights and their fortress, you are now able to join the Temple Knights.

But before you can do that, you must complete a series of puzzles that Sir Tiffy Cashien has for you.

Required Items: How to Get Them

Recruitment Drive OSRS - Required Items: How to Get Them

There is a single required item that you need for the Recruitment Drive quest before you start. What is weird about this requirement, though, is that not every player needs it. Only a particular group of players will require this item. In contrast, others will be free to go about their business after beginning the mission.

3000 Coins

The one required (sort of) item that you need for Recruitment Drive is 3000 coins. That is quite a significant amount for someone just getting started in RuneScape. Still, you will need this amount if you are in a particular group of players.

Those playing male characters in OSRS will need the 3000 coins before beginning the quest. This is because you will need to switch to a female character after starting Recruitment Drive. Now, note that I didn’t say to switch to a female character as a requirement beforehand.

You should not do that before the quest, as it will be a waste. Instead, you need to do it after starting the quest, which is why you simply need the 3000 coins right now. I would consider switching to a female character as one of the main (but sort of optional) steps within the quest itself.

As for how to get 3000 coins easily in RuneScape, there are many different ways. Firstly, you could complete some other quests that will give you coins and save that up over time. In fact, one of the previous quests prior to this one will give you almost enough.

Otherwise, you can try some coin-farming methods. You’re a member if you’re doing this quest, so the flax method is my favorite starting task.

Buy a bunch of flax on the Grand Exchange, head on over to Lumbridge, and start crafting them (must be level 10 crafter) into bow strings using the spinning wheel. They usually sell for several times more than the base flax items do.

Lastly, while this is not a required item per se, you need to be completely unarmed and have an empty inventory before you start the trial. So make sure to unequip everything and put all your items into the bank beforehand.

Required Quests

There are two quests that you need to complete before you can proceed with the Recruitment Drive OSRS quest. The two quests are Black Knights’ Fortress and the Druidic Ritual. Ironically, I would say that the former is harder than this quest, though it is quite easy in its own right if you are at a high enough level.

Druidic Ritual, on the other hand, is also easy, like Recruitment Drive, but it can take a good bit of time. Basically, so long as you have completed those two quests, you should be good to go here. If you haven’t done them, Black Knights’ Fortress is started with Sir Amik Varze, where you should already be.

Druidic Ritual, however, requires you to visit Taverley first and unlock the Herblore member’s skill.

I have a recommended level of at least level 20 combat skill so that you can take out the one enemy that you have to face. But, in all honesty, if you have already done Black Knights’ Fortress (which you have; it’s required), then you should be good to go on this quest.

The only part that I should note is that you may want to have level 20 or higher Strength as that is the primary skill that is going to be helpful for you in this upcoming fight. Since you will be unarmed, ensuring that you have a strong enough melee attack will be necessary.

The higher your Defense and Constitution, the more you’ll be able to withstand, too. But you can possibly get by with lower than level 20.

Brief Walkthrough

Recruitment Drive OSRS - Brief Walkthrough

For those of you with a desire to wrap up this quest quickly and move on to everything else that comes after Recruitment Drive, here are the main steps that you need to complete to finish this quest and join the Temple Knights:

  1. Remove all of your items in your inventory and take off anything at all that you are wearing. Put them in the bank for safekeeping.
  2. After meeting all of the requirements and recommendations, head on over to Falador and speak with Sir Amik Varze on the third floor of the White Knight Castle.
  3. (Male-only players step) Head on over to the Makeover Mage, who is found in the small house west of Falador. Get a makeover and turn into a female character.
  4. Speak with Sir Tiffy Cashien in the park in Falador.
  5. Complete the five tests in a randomized order that Sir Tiffy Cashien has for you.
  6. One of the tests is guaranteed to be against Sir Leye, who is level 20. Defeat him to continue.
  7. After completing the quests, Sir Tiffy Cashien will speak with you one more time, and you will complete the quest and receive your rewards.

Deeper Walkthrough

For those of you who need a deeper understanding of the Temple Knights test and how to complete it, you are in the right place. You likely will need help with some of these, as I know I did. You can figure out some of these puzzles on your own, but they can take a bit of time to solve, so this walkthrough will speed up the process considerably. Let’s get started.

Preparing for the Test

First off, you need to begin by making sure that you have all of your requirements. Get your 3000 coins ready, and then remove every other item from your inventory except this. Make sure to take off all of your armor and equipment items and put everything but the coins into your bank.

From there, head to Falador and enter the White Knights’ Castle from the western entrance. Go up the stairs and then up the stairs one more time to be on the third floor. Speak with Sir Amik Varze to begin the Recruitment Drive quest.

You can skip the next section if you are already playing as a female character since that is your main. Otherwise, male players, it’s time for a makeover.

Getting a Makeover

For the males out there, you need to get a makeover and become a female character to continue this quest. Be sure to not do this until speaking with Sir Amik because you will not get the extra rewards from the quest that will make up for the fact that you had to switch genders.

After starting the quest, head to the Makeover Mage’s house, which is the little building that is found on its own a short distance west of the city of Falador. Pay him 3000 coins, and you will be able to become a female character. Your appearance other than that doesn’t matter, so go wild if you want.

Beginning the Temple Knights Test

Beginning the Temple Knights Test

Now that you are ready head to the park in Falador and speak with Sir Tiffy Cashien. He will offer you the chance to complete a test that is composed of five parts. How the test works is that you will be transported without any items or anything at all and have to complete five rooms in a row without failure.

The catch here is that the rooms will be in random order, and you won’t know what you get until you come across it. The problem is that there aren’t five preset puzzles you need to complete. There is a total of seven possible rooms, so there are two that you won’t get in your particular playthrough.

That said, the only permanent fixture is that you are guaranteed to face off against Sir Leye in battle. Other than that, it can be any of the other puzzles that you need to do. This kinda sucks since some are vastly easier than others.

Defeating Sir Leye

First off, since these go in a random order for every player, let’s start with the one that everyone has to do: defeat Sir Leye. He is level 20, and you have nothing but your fists to take him out, so this can be tough if you are underleveled.

I think that most players who already did Black Knights’ Fortress (which you had to for this quest) should be good but just take your time. You have no weapons, armor, or food to help you out here.

Lady Table’s Statues

For Lady Table, you will enter her room, and she will have 12 statues that will appear here. Or, well, 11 at first. You see, there is going to be a missing statue in the room when you first arrive, and you have to point out which one was missing when it comes back a few seconds later.

Screenshots or simply good memory can help here. The idea is that there are three rows of four statues that are the same color. There are bronze, silver, and gold statues. Your first task is to figure out which row is missing a fourth.

From there, figure out which weapon in the statue’s hands is missing. Compare this with the other rows that have a statue with an axe, halberd, mace, and sword. Once you figure out which is missing, select that particular statue. Keep in mind that I can’t give you the exact answer to this puzzle since the missing statue is randomized for every player.

Miss Cheevers’ Puzzle

Miss Cheevers will give you an escape room-style puzzle that you must do. First off, search through everything and pick up every item that you can find. Then use the burner on the metal spade that you find. After losing its handle, take the spade and use it on the door.

From there, use the cupric sulfate on the metal spade and the door. There is a vial of liquid you should have found; use that next. From there, you can open this door finally.

There is a second door you will come across now. There is a cake tin you should have found previously that you need to use the vial of liquid on. After that, take the gypsum you found and use it on the cake tin, too. Take that cake tin and then use it on the key.

Now use the tin ore powder followed by the cupric ore powder on the tin (make sure to pay close attention to the names of these items). Next, you are able to use the tin itself on the burner in your inventory to create the bronze key copy.

Lastly, take the bronze wire, chisel, or knife (whichever you have) and use them on the tin to get the key out of it. This will allow you to open up the door and complete Miss Cheever’s puzzle.

Ms. Hynn Terprett’s Riddles

Ms. Hynn Terprett's Riddles

Ms. Hynn Terprett will give you a riddle that you must complete. Unfortunately, this is another situation where it is randomly chosen. Still, I have the solutions for all of the possible riddles she could give. Here the riddles are:

  • How many false statements are there? Answer: Three false statements.
  • How old is my daughter? Riddle: The answer is 10 years old. You can do the math if you like, but there’s the solution.
  • If you multiply the fingers by zero, how many do you get? Answer: Zero.
  • If you multiply fingers on the left hand to the nearest million? Answer: Zero yet again.
  • You are sentenced to death riddle: The answer is being fed to the wolves.
  • Which bucket’s stone dropped to the bottom of the bucket last? Answer: Bucket A.

Sir Ren Itchood’s Word Quiz

Sir Ren Itchood will give you a random word quiz. He will tell you a riddle, and the answer to the riddle will get you out of the room. There are six possible word solutions; here they are:

  • Bite
  • Fish
  • Last
  • Meat
  • Rain
  • Time

As for how you figure out which one is correct, be sure to look at the first letter of every line of his riddle. Use that word on the lock to complete the puzzle.

Sir Spishyus’ Conundrum

I love this one as it happens to be one of my favorites when it comes to making you really think in this quest. There is a bridge conundrum that Sir Spishyus has given you. You will find three items near you: a bag of grain, a chicken, and a fox.

Each of these items weighs five kilograms, and your job is to carry them all across the bridge. The problem is that you can only carry up to five kilos at one time, so you can only carry one animal or item at a time to the other side.

The issue with this is that if you leave the chicken alone with the grain, it will eat the grain, failing your mission. But if you leave the chicken alone with the fox and carry the grain first, the fox will eat the chicken and end your quest.

There are multiple solutions to this situation, but I will give you the one that I figured out and used myself:

  • The only solution is to leave the bag of grain and fox alone since they won’t eat each other. Take the chicken across the bridge.
  • Then grab the bag of grain and take it across.
  • Pick up the chicken before dropping the bag of grain, and then take the chicken back to the starting side.
  • This time, pick up the fox before dropping the chicken on the starting side and then take the fox across the bridge.
  • Lastly, return to the starting side, pick up the chicken, then carry it across the bridge, and drop it to complete the puzzle.

Sir Tinley

The very easiest task you can get; hopefully, you receive this one when you do this quest. All you need to do is talk with Sir Tinley, select the continue prompt, and then do nothing at all. Just stand there, don’t move, don’t click anything, and wait a few seconds. After a few seconds, you will finish this relatively easy task.

Completing the Test

Completing the Test

The above seven rooms are the ones that you will go through during the test. Once you complete five of them without fail, you will finish the test and be transported back to the park in Falador. At this point, Sir Tiffy Cashien will note that you have finished his test and welcome you into the Temple Knights.

When this happens, your quest is automatically completed. You don’t have to do anything else or go back to talk to Sir Amik since the quest will be complete right here. You will also automatically receive your rewards for the mission as well.

Recruitment Drive Rewards

Here is the breadth of rewards you will get from completing this quest. Note that some of the rewards are only specific to certain types of players, so keep that in mind.

  • Item Rewards: Initiate Sallet, the ability to make Falador your respawn point in the game, 3000 coins (originally male players only), free makeover voucher (males only)
  • XP Rewards: 1 Quest point, 1000 Agility experience, 1000 Herblore, and 1000 Prayer experience

The rewards are pretty numerous when it comes to the Recruitment Drive quest, which is why it is worth doing as soon as you possibly can. In particular, if you are a male player, don’t let the fact that you have to pay 3000 coins to start the quest and get a makeover deter you from doing it.

Since you get the coins right back as soon as you complete the quest (as long as you do everything in the right order), it is not a problem in the slightest. In addition, the extra makeover voucher allows you to go back to the Makeover Mage nearby and get another makeover to turn back into a male player character.

I do wonder why this quest hasn’t been changed at some point to just remove the gender requirement, especially since some players might mess it up and miss out on a free makeover, but it is what it is.

As for the other rewards, the Initiate Sallet is a fine helmet, but it is all on its own. Suppose you want the full set, so you don’t look too weird running around with a random selection of armor pieces. In that case, you can purchase more Initiate armor from the Temple Knights, but it will cost you a whole lot of gold.

Follow-up Quests

Follow-up Quests

The allure of the Recruitment Drive quest for some players won’t even be the excellent rewards you get from it. Instead, some players will be looking ahead at what’s next in their RuneScape adventures. You see, Recruitment Drive is one of the most important quests for members since it opens up the door for a couple of other quests that you can do after it.

If you want to get the most out of your quests in the game and complete them all, Recruitment Drive is best done early on. First off, finishing this quest will grant you the ability to complete the Medium Falador Diary. These are great for getting some awesome rewards from completing various achievements around the world.

Suppose you find a location like Falador in which you love to hang out. In that case, the Medium Falador Diary is one way to extend your time there beyond the usual trappings of just completing some quests or grinding for levels there.

Besides that, there is an entire quest line that hinges on your completion of Recruitment Drive. This is the first quest in the Temple Knights storyline, and completing this one leads to the next quest and beyond. The second quest that you can do is Wanted!

This particular quest requires the completion of Recruitment Drive and is your first real mission as a member of the Temple Knights. The difficulty goes up considerably with this particular quest. It is a much more engaging venture, especially for those who like to engage in combat.

There is a total of four quests in the Temple Knights series, so you have plenty to do from here if you love Falador and its soldiers. It all begins with Recruitment Drive, so don’t fret once you are done with this quick and easy mission.


Question: How Do I Become a Female in Recruitment Drive OSRS?

Answer: You can switch to a female by heading to the Makeover Mage, who lives to the west of Falador in a small hut. It costs 3000 coins and should be done after speaking with Sir Amik and starting the Recruitment Drive quest.

Question: How Do You Beat Sir Leye?

Answer: Sir Leye is level 20, so you should be at least level 20 in combat level. I recommend at least level 20 Strength skill to beat him since you will be defenseless and weaponless in battle.

Question: How Do I Change My Gender OSRS?

Answer: Same as the first question, you can change your gender in OSRS by heading to the Makeover Mage west of Falador in the small house you can find along the wall. It will cost you 3000 coins to do this. You can switch between being a male and female character at will as often as you want.

Which OSRS Quest to Do Next

Recruitment Drive is one of the easiest and simplest quests you can find as a member of Old School RuneScape. OSRS is chock full of intriguing storylines behind the subscription-based member’s wall. If you happen to be one of those members (I assume you are based on reading this particular guide), do I have a quest for you to do next.

Recruitment Drive might have been a little tame for some of you. If you aren’t a fan of the dull, sterile nature of Falador and the White Knights, you can find something much darker and twisted with the Horrors from the Deep OSRS quest.

This one is a favorite of mine for how horror-like the quest ends up being, which is quite unique for a cheerful and goofy game like RuneScape.

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