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RuneScape is filled with a massive range of enemies and creatures for players to come across as they explore the world of Gielinor. Every type of enemy that players can have has its attacks, drops, and various aspects to consider. So, if you’re looking to start killing Suqah, instead for a Slayer task or to grind combat levels, here is everything you need to know.

Key Info Up Front

Members Only: Yes

Combat Level: 111

Slayer Target: Yes

Location: Lunar Isle

Suqah Overview

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Suqahs are orc-like creatures that are only found on the Lunar Isle. They are thought to be very strange looking and come equipped with full armor, large shields, and jagged swords that they use along with their innate magical abilities. They are naturally aggressive toward outsiders but have an arrangement with the Lunar Isle’s Moon Clan to act as guards that stand watch. They can be an intimidating foe for players to fight and can be assigned as a Slayer task by either Nieve or Duradel.

Suqah Stats

If you’re going to kill Suqahs, you’ll need first to know their combat information in and out to plan and prepare your loadout accordingly. They have a combat level of 111, so you should be at least combat level 60 to take them on. They have a maximum of 105 hit points, making them an excellent option for killing crowds of them to grind experience. They also have Attack, Strength, and Defense levels of 95, while their Magic and Ranged are both only level one.

Defensively, Suqah are the weakest against Piercing and Ranged damage, both of which they have a +50 against. For Slash and Crush, they have a +70, and for Magic, they have a +90. Suqahs also don’t have any immunities so that you can hit them with Poison, Venom, Thralls, and Cannons to full effectiveness. It is also essential to know that they have a maximum damage of 10 per hit with an attack speed of roughly 3.6 seconds.

When defending yourself against Suqah you should know that they have a few different attacks. Their main option is a base melee attack with their sword. However, some Suqah can also use magical attacks. These attacks are relatively weak because of their low Magic Level. They can cast weak versions of both Water Wave and Ice Barrage that can deal up to ten damage but are easily countered with a Protection from Magic prayer.

Suqah Drops

Suqah Drops
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Whenever a player kills a Suqah, they are able to roll on a multitude of tables to determine the drops they receive. While killing Suqah is a suitable method for farming combat experience, their drops tend to be rather lackluster, so you shouldn’t expect to make a profit if you use expensive combat methods. They do have two guaranteed drops, and players will always roll on their Main and Tertiary drop tables, but there is only a 38.76% chance that players get to roll on their final loot table, known as the Gem Drop table. The loot Suqahs can drop, and the rates that they drop at are all in the tables below.

Guaranteed Drop Table

Item Quantity
Big Bones 1
Suqah Hide 1

Main Drop Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Suqah Tooth 1 53.47%
Grimy Guam Leaf 1 23.25%
Grimy Marrentill 1 19.38%

Tertiary Drop Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Hard Clue Scroll 1 0.77%
Long Bone 1 0.25%
Curved Bone 1 0.02%

Gem Drop Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Nothing 1.93%
Uncut Sapphire 1 0.97%
Uncut Emerald 0.48%
Uncut Ruby 0.24%
Nature Talisman 0.09%
Uncut Diamond 0.06%
Loop Half of Key 0.03%
Tooth Half of Key
Rune Javelin 5
Rune Spear 1 0.002%
Shield Left Half 0.0009%
Dragon Spear 0.0007%

Finding Suqah

Lunar Isle
Lunar Isle From Run Escape Fandom

Before any player can start killing Suqah, they have first to gain access to the Lunar Isle. To do this, they have to complete at least part of the Lunar Diplomacy quest. Lunar Diplomacy is a members-only quest that sees players acting as a diplomat between the Moon Clan and the Fremenniks. Before starting this quest, you’ll have to have completed Druidic Ritual, The Fremennik Trials, Jungle Potion, Lost City, Shilo Village, and Rune Mysteries. You’ll also need to have the following skill levels:

  • Herblore Level 5
  • Defense Level 40
  • Firemaking Level 49
  • Woodcutting Level 55
  • Mining Level 60
  • Crafting Level 61
  • Magic Level 65

Once you’re ready to start the quest, you’ll need to travel to Rellekka and head to the western dock to find Lokar Searunner. The quest starts with talking to Lokar and sailing there through the first stage of the quest. During this, you will be given a Seal of Passage that you must keep with you whenever you are on the island. Otherwise, you will be teleported away to the mainland. If you play through the entire quest, however, you’ll be able to go to Lunar Isle freely whenever you wish.

After you reach Lunar Isle, you’ll have two main locations where you can locate groups of Suqahs. The isle is shaped like a crescent moon with a group on the northern half just to the west of the snowcap found there and another group on the southern half where the two bridges lead. The northern group has 16 spawns, while the southern only has 10. The only other difference between the two groups is that the northern Suqahs will use magic attacks while the southern Suqahs will not. At the isle’s harbor, you can also find a ship named the Lady Zay. In its lowest deck, you can find a Suqah kept prisoner in a cage. This Suqah is very easy to kill as it can only use magic attacks, but with how long it takes to respawn, you’re better off farming an entire group.

Combat Tips for Fighting Suqah

If you’re looking to farm Suqah, there are two methods that I recommend using. Which one you should use depends on whether or not you have the Dwarf Multicannon.

Dwarf Multicannon Method

Dwarf Multicannon
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Using the Dwarf Multicannon will allow you to farm Suqahs for Slayer experience and some Ranged experience with little active effort. If you don’t have the Multicannon and want to get your hands on one, you’ll need to complete the Dwarf Cannon quest. It is a members-only quest, but it is pretty short and only rated as Novice difficulty. To do the quest, you’ll need to travel to the Fishing Guild. From there, head to the northwest until you come across Captain Lawgof. He is to the south of the Coal Trucks there, so if you go past those you’ve gone too far.

Completing the quest is then rather straightforward as the only required item is a Hammer, which you can pick up during the quest. Toward the end of the quest, you will be tasked by Lawgof to help him fix his own Multicannon. Once that is done you’ll be shown where to get ammunition for it and will be rewarded with the ability to use a Multicannon of your own once the quest is completed.

After you’ve completed the Dwarf Cannon you’ll still need to build your own Multicannon. To do so you have to purchase four pieces to assemble it: a base, barrels, furnace, and stand. To get these you’ll need to purchase them from Nulodion on the southern side of Ice Mountain. He sells each piece for 200,625 coins each, but I recommend talking to him about purchasing an entire set at once. This will allow you to buy all four pieces for 750,000 as well as get a mold to make your own ammo and an instruction manual for free, effectively saving you 52,500 coins.

Once you have your Dwarf Multicannon the next step will be to gather ammunition for it, which are Cannonballs. These can be purchased from the Grand Exchange for an average of 161 coins each or you can make your own. As long as you have the mold for it you can turn one Steel Bar into four Cannonballs, which is a pretty quick turnaround. For this method you should bring as many Cannonballs with you as you can, as running out of ammunition will be the main thing that stops your grinding.

Now that you have your Multicannon and ammunition you can head to the northern group of Suqahs. I also recommend bringing with you some food and potions for your Prayer and combat stats if you have them as well. Then, head to the northern group and set up the Multicannon by using the base on a place on the ground with at least eight open squares. Once the entire Multicannon is built make sure to load it with ammunition. You can load 30 Cannonballs in it at a time.

Apart from your Multicannon, you’ll also want to activate your Protect From Magic prayer if you can drink a Super Combat Potion, and then set your melee weapon to Stab for piercing damage. Since Suqahs are aggressive they will continually attack you and your Multicannon as they spawn in after you kill them. Make sure to keep an eye on your hit points and your Multicannon so that you can heal, drink Prayer potions, and reload whenever you need to. Your Multicannon will target enemies and fire automatically so it doesn’t take much upkeep during the fight.

However, your Multicannon will break after it has been placed for 25 minutes and will stop firing. To fix this all you have to do is interact with it briefly. There will also be a message displayed in your chat box stating that the Multicannon has broken, so make sure to keep an eye out for it. If you don’t repair the Multicannon within ten minutes it will disappear. If your Multicannon does disappear you don’t have to get an entirely new one, but will have to return to Nulodion to get it back from him for free.

No Multicannon Method

Fighting a Suqah
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If you don’t have access to a Dwarf Multicannon you’re best getting by using just plain melee. Before doing this, however, I recommend assembling a well-optimized gear build so that you don’t get killed by the Suqahs too easily. You can use any melee loadout that you prefer, but this is what I usually run:

  • Head Slot: Slayer Helm
  • Neck Slot: Amulet of Torture
  • Body Slot: Bandos Chestplate
  • Leg Slot: Bandos Platelegs
  • Feet Slot: Primordial Boots
  • Hands Slot: Barrows Gloves
  • Off-Hand: Avernic Defender
  • Main Hand: Ghrazi Rapier
  • Cape Slot: Infernal Cape
  • Ring Slot: Brimstone Ring
  • Wrist Slot: Rada’s Blessing 4

Along with the above gear, you should also bring plenty of food, potions, and a way to teleport away in case you get low on health without any recovery options. For food I recommend Shark and for potions, I usually take some Prayer and Super Combat Potions. Once you have all of that squared away you can head to the southern group of Suqahs on Lunar Isle. There you’ll want to make sure you have your weapon set to stab to deal piercing damage and use your Protection from Melee Prayer to mitigate the damage as much as possible. Then, you can step into the group and start attacking. The Suqahs will only stay aggressive toward you for up to ten minutes, however, so you’ll need to run away and return every once in a while to keep them interested in you.


Question: Is the Suqah Slayer task good?

Answer: The Suqah Slayer task is a good one to accept if you want to grind for Slayer experience because it can get you a ton of Slayer experience for each hour that you farm them.

Question: How do you get Suqah Teeth?

Answer: Suqah Teeth have a 53.47% chance of dropping whenever you kill a Suqah on Lunar Isle.

Question: Can you Multicannon Suqah?

Answer: Yes, you can use the Dwarf Multicannon on Suqah and the best place to do so is the group found in the northern region of Lunar Isle.


With how poor the drops that players can get from Suqahs are you likely won’t want to farm them for value or to train your general combat skills. However, if you are looking to grind for Slayer experience, the Suqah Slayer task is a great one to use for some serious hourly gains. It is an especially good option because of how hands-free farming Suqah can be, especially if you have a Dwarf Multicannon at your disposal.

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