Making Friends with My Arm OSRS Guide

One of the strangest and most eclectic races in Runescape are the trolls. This helps make quests involving them very entertaining, which may be why they have an entire quest series of their own. One of my favorites of the quest line is Making Friends with My Arm. The quest combines fun storytelling with unique challenges to make it well worth experiencing for any player.

Key Info Up Front

Members Only: Yes

Quest Difficulty: Master

Quest Length: Medium

Required Skills: Construction Level 35, Firemaking Level 66, Agility Level 68, Mining Level 72

Prerequisite Quests: Cold War, My Arm’s Big Adventure, Romeo and Juliet, Swan Song

Required Items: Bolt of Cloth, Cadava Berries, 5x Mahogany Planks, Saw

Completion Rewards: 10,000x Agility Experience, 2,000x Construction experience, 5,000x Firemaking experience, 10,000x Mining experience, Fire Pits, entrance to Salt Mines, Weiss Herb Patch, Troll Stronghold teleport target

Making Friends with My Arm Overview

This quest takes place right after My Arm’s Big Adventure and is the fifth and final quest in the troll quest series. It sees the player trying to help the Troll named My Arm by making contact with a new village of Trolls and getting him a wife. This kicks off a quick adventure filled with humorous moments and eventually has a significant impact on the world of Gielinor.

While the quest has a difficulty rating of Master, this is primarily because of the high skill levels required to start the quest rather than combat. There are two higher-level combat encounters, but I think that as long as you have a Combat Level of at least 65 or 70, you should be fine. Making Friends with My Arm is also labeled with a Medium length. This means that once you have gathered all the required items, you should expect to spend around 45 minutes completing it.

However, you’ll also need to meet the quest’s skill level requirements. There is a chance that you’ll already have these requirements met by the time you’re ready to take on Making Friends with My Arm. If you don’t, however, we have guides for leveling your AgilityConstructionFiremaking, and Mining as high as you may need or want to.

Required Items

Bolt of Cloth

Bolt of cloth OSRS
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

By reaching Construction Level 35 for this quest, you will likely be very familiar with the Bolt of Cloth item. It is used for many crafting recipes for player houses, but you’ll also need one for this quest. The easiest way to get one is to buy it from the Construction Supply Stores either at the Sawmill, the Woodcutting guild, or Prifddinas. They are sold for 650 Coins at all three locations or can be bought from the Grand Exchange for 890 Coins if you want to do that for some reason.

Cadava Berries

Cadava Berries are dangerously poisonous berries that players are unable to eat. They are used in some quests and interactions throughout the game but don’t serve any general function beyond that. You can grow your own, but since you only need one for this quest, I recommend just taking one from their natural spawn. They are found to the south of Varrock near the mine, much faster than growing your own.

5x Mahogany Planks

Mahogany plank OSRS
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

Before you start the quest, you’ll also need to collect a handful of Mahogany Planks. Before you can get one, however, you’ll need to collect Mahogany Logs. To cut down a Mahogany tree, you’ll need Woodcutting Level 50. Once you have that, you can find some in Prifdinnas, Ape Atoll, Kharazi Jungle, the Isle of Souls, or Mos Le’Harmless.

Once you have the Mahogany Logs, you have two options to turn them into planks. The first is to take it to the Sawmill by Varrock, which will charge you 1,500 Coins for each Plank. Otherwise, if you’ve completed the Dream Mentor quest, you can also use magic to craft them. This method also requires Magic Level 86 on top of paying 1,050 Coins, a Nature Rune, two Astral Runes, and 15 Earth Runes, so it is slightly more expensive. If you don’t want to make your Mahogany Planks, you can purchase them from the Grand Exchange for an average of 1,882 Coins. You can also buy Mahogany Logs, but I recommend just purchasing the Planks to save money and time.


Saws are a standard Construction tool that can be bought from any of the three Construction Supply Stores. They only cost 13 Coins, so if you don’t have one or lost yours somehow, you should buy a new one. They are available from the Grand Exchange but usually cost 252 Coins for some reason, so stick with a standard Construction store.

Quest Walkthrough

Getting Started

Troll Stronghold OSRS
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

Required Items: None

To kick off the Making Friends with My Arm quest, you need to go to the Troll Stronghold. You need to talk to the chef named Burntmeat in the Stronghold’s kitchen there. Burnt meat will tell you that a Troll named Wolfbone is an ambassador from the Troll village of Weiss. You will then be asked to help the tribe, which you’ll have to agree with to start the quest.

After agreeing to help, you will be filled in on what is happening. Wolfbane is revealed to have been elected as the official ambassador of Weiss that was sent to the Troll Stronghold by Weiss’ matriarch, Mother. Mother sent him there out of the hope that he could stay there and share the knowledge of the Weiss Trolls in exchange for an ambassador traveling to Weiss and doing the same. The Troll Stronghold agrees to the trade and elects My Arm to act as its ambassador since he has experience traveling to distant lands from previous quests in the series.

So, it would help if you then meet with My Arm to begin traveling with him. He can be found to the south of Burntmeat by a herb patch. Once you talk to him, he will ask you to meet him by boat in Rellekka. You can travel there the conventional way or by using a Fairy Ring and the code DKS that will drop you to the east of the boat. Once you arrive there, talk to Larry and ask if you can borrow his boat to reach Weiss. This will trigger a short cutscene showing My Arm’s arrival, and then you’ll take the boat.

Reaching Weiss

weiss OSRS
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

Required Items: None

After your boat wrecks on shore, you and My Arm will be to the north of Weiss. There will be a cliffside that you have to scale to reach the Troll village that My Arm says he cannot climb. If you search the shipwreck, you can grab a Hammer, Pickaxe, and Rope, all of which you will need. If you want, you can bring your own for the quest, but I recommend using these, so you don’t lose anything that is too valuable.

Once you have those items collected, you need to try and mine the entrance to the cave. This triggers a short dialogue sequence. After the dialogue ends, you’ll need to climb up the nearby rockslides. If your Agility just barely meets the quest requirements, I recommend bringing some food with you since failed climb attempts can deal some decent damage over time.

On top of the cliffside, you’ll need to use your Rope on the tree on the next level above you. Once you’ve tied the Rope, you can climb it and then cross a nearby ledge. This will lead you to another rockslide to climb after you pass under a fallen tree. This will trigger a short cutscene showing a hole that connects to the cave below. Your character will say that going into the hole could allow them to mine out the blockage from the inside, allowing My Arm to pass through.

To try and reach the hole, you’ll first need to talk to the Troll Boulder nearby. However, Boulder will tell you that you are not allowed in Weiss because you are a human, and it is a village for Trolls. If you walk around the fence surrounding the hole though, you’ll be able to find a hole in it to the east of Boulder. Head through the hole, and you’ll be placed into an instanced version of Weiss.

During this instance, Trolls will throw rocks at you, knocking you back to the beginning if any hit you. So, you’ll need to navigate through the city by moving from cover to cover with sprint activated. Make sure that when you reach a safe area, you take a minute to regenerate your stamina before continuing on. Once you make your way to the hole, you’ll have to navigate the cave.

The inside of the cave also features Trolls throwing rocks at you. The cave has a linear path at first that you’ll need to go down, followed by a swimming section. As you swim by the cave entrance, you’ll need to make a path of five stepping stones for My Arm to cross on. To do so, you’ll need to bait the Trolls above to throw stones down at you in a path to build the path. Once you have it done, you can mine the blockage and allow My Arm to enter the cave.

Once My Arm enters the cave, the Trolls will stop throwing rocks and will instead take you to Mother. When you talk to Mother, and she asks what My Arm can offer, you’ll need to go through every dialogue option, although all of them will be rejected. Since you have nothing to offer the Weiss Trolls so that My Arm can marry Mother’s daughter, Snowflake, head outside of the tent and talk to My Arm there. You will once again have to pick every dialogue option that you have. This will lead to you and My Arm forming a plan to stage a fake slaughtering of one of the oldest enemies of the Weiss Trolls, the Wise Old Man.

The Plan

weiss cave osrs
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

Required Items: Bolt of Cloth, Cadava Berries, Combat Equipment, Hammer, 5x Mahogany Planks, Saw

Once you’ve formed the plan with My Arm, you’ll need to travel to Draynor Village to talk to the Wise Old Man. When you talk to him, you’ll have the option to ask for his help in your and My Arm’s plan. He will initially refuse to help you but will agree after you remind him about your experiences together during the Swan Song quest.

To fake his death, he said you’ll need to build a Mahogany Coffin to put him in and a distilled Cadava Poison to fake his death. Since you should already have the Mahogany Planks, you can build the coffin right next to him after talking to him. You’ll then need to travel to Varrock and find the same Apothecary that you talked to during the Romeo and Juliet quest. Talk to him, and you’ll be able to turn your Cadava Berries into a Reduced Cadava Potion that is more suitable for the Old Wise Man’s age.

Once you have the Reduced Cadava Potion travel back to Draynor Village and give it to the Old Wise Man. He will then drink it after getting into the coffin, making him appear dead. You then will be able to pick up the coffin, now labeled as Old Man’s Coffin. Once you have it in your inventory, head back to the cave by Weiss and enter it to be taken straight into the town. Once you’re in, you will have to take the coffin to Mother.

However, Mother will doubt the validity of the corpse because it has no evident wounds that could have killed him. This makes Mother refuse the offering for Snowflake’s heart, which causes Snowflake to speak up. She says that she is in love with My Arm and that Mother doesn’t have the right to decide who she marries or ends up with. Mother remains adamant, however, and then the Old Wise Man begins to snore as the magic of the poison begins to fade.

Once the Old Wise Man farts Mother is completely convinced of the falsehood. This leads to you, My Arm, Snowflake, Wise Old man, and Mother’s advisor named Odd Mushroom all being sent to a jail cell. On the way to the cell, however, Odd Mushroom becomes mortally wounded. Once you’re in the cell you’ll need to talk to Odd Mushroom.

He will tell you that Mother has gone mad with power and has lit a magical fire known as the Fire of Domination. The fire not only increases Mother’s abilities but also prevents any teleportation magic from succeeding within a certain radius. Odd Mushroom claims that this is indicative of Mother’s intent to kill all of them shortly before he dies. As revenge for Odd Mushroom’s death, Snowflake asks you to help her kill Mother.

A Change of Leadership

Odd Mushroom OSRS
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

Required Items: Combat Equipment

Once you’re ready to fight Mother you can have the Wise Old Man force open the cell door. This triggers a fight with Mother’s bodyguard, Don’t Know What. For this fight, you should use either Melee or Ranged, but Ranged is the easier route. Don’t Know What will mostly throw boulders at you throughout the fight that can be dodged if you run around the arena throughout the fight, performing Ranged attacks whenever you dodge an attack and have time to do so. You should also note that while your companions will help you throughout the fight they will do hardly any damage, so don’t hope to rely on their help.

Once you’ve defeated Don’t Know What you’ll need to go by the barrel of water and grab the Bucket there. Once you have the Bucket use it on the barrel to get the Bucket of Water. You then will have to fight the Mother and use the Bucket of Water to douse the Fire of Domination. Otherwise, all of your attempted attacks will miss and the boss fight will be impossible.

The fight with Mother is almost identical to the one with Don’t Know What. The primary difference is that Mother has access to a melee attack that will drain your Prayer points. You should again use either Melee or Ranged, with Ranged being preferable. If you have a high enough Ranged Level you can run around the arena getting shots in here and there with the Protect from Missiles prayer active to protect you. If you decide to use Melee instead I recommend bringing plenty of food and Prayer Potions to keep your protection prayers up despite your Prayer points getting drained.

Once Mother is defeated, Snowflake will call a meeting of all the Trolls of Weiss. She will declare that Mother has been killed and that she is assuming the position of the ruler of Weiss. All of the Trolls in attendance will agree with her decree and comment on how she is much nicer than Mother ever was. After her rule is accepted, Snowflake will also announce her imminent betrothal to My Arm and will ask you to lead the ceremony.

This will lead you into a cutscene of the wedding ceremony, which is capped off with a great joke of an ancestral Troll wedding dance that is My Arm and Snowflake following each other at the same time. Afterward, Snowflake requests that you get some Goat Dung for her as one last favor. To get it head to the northeast and use the Bucket on it to gather it. If, for some reason, you don’t have the Bucket used when fighting Mother anymore you can grab another one by the same barrel.

Return to Snowflake with the Goat Dung and she will make an herb patch for you. She finally will give you some of Odd Mushroom’s notes that will allow you to make Fire Pits. Talk to Snowflake one more time and you’ll complete the quest.

If you want, there is an optional part of the quest that can be completed after finishing it. To see it you’ll need to return to Burntmeat and give him the notes given to you by Snowflake. This will convince Burntmeat that you dislike the Burnt Meat that he makes for the tribe, so he’ll send you to Wolfbone for a reward. However, Wolfbone will also give you Burnt meat as thanks. Burntmeat will then eat the notes you delivered to him, requiring you to get new ones from Snowflake if you want them.

Quest Rewards

Making Friends with My Arm reward osrs
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

After finishing Making Friends with My Arm you’ll get a bevy of rewards, starting with two Quest Points. You’ll also learn the ability to make Fire Pits as well as be granted access to the Salt Mines beneath Weiss. This is a great resource to have, as it is a prime location to mine Basalt, Efh Salt, Te Salt, and Urt Salt. You also will be able to use the new herb patch in Weiss that is completely free of diseases on top of being able to set house teleporters to take you to the Troll Stronghold. Finally, you’ll gain the following experience amounts:

  • 10,000x Agility experience
  • 2,000x Construction experience
  • 5,000x Firemaking experience
  • 10,000x Mining experience


Question: How do I get the Making Friends with My Arm quest in OSRS?

Answer: To start the quest you need to talk with Burntmeat in the Troll Stronghold after completing the quest My Arm’s Big Adventure.

Question: How do you get to the Troll Stronghold?

Answer: To reach the Troll Stronghold head west from Trollheim until you come across the Stronghold’s entrance.

Question: How do you reach Weiss in OSRS?

Answer: To reach Weiss for the first time you’ll need to talk to Larry in Rellekka and use his boat to sail there. You’ll then need to climb the cliff there, sneak into the hole in the village, and then sneak through the cave to open the cave collapse. Once you’ve been there before you can travel there via teleportation, which is much easier.


Making Friends with My Arm OSRS
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

Making Friends with My Arm is all around a fun quest. It has a lot of funny dialogue, a unique minigame in the middle of it, and a decent combat challenge at the end. The quest’s rewards are also unique and very helpful when it comes to mining for salt or growing herbs, making it well worth it for players who are more interested in skilling than experiencing Runescape’s fun quests.

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