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Barrows Brothers Guide

Intro There are moments in everyone’s Runescape career that you never forget. Defeating TzTok-Jad and getting your first Fire Cape or achieving your first level 99 skill. Obtaining your first pet, skilling or otherwise, or reaching your first 100 mil GP.  And, of course, taking on the Barrows brothers for the first time.  The Barrows …

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OSRS Combat Overview

Combat plays a substantial role in OSRS during quests, PVP battles, and PVM. Therefore, it’s vital to train to defeat challenging enemies and obtain their loot. Currently, there are seven combat skills to train that will increase your power during fights. Also, achieving levels in combat stats will improve your overall combat level. This becomes …

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OSRS Items Overview

OSRS features over 12,000 unique items that serve different purposes. All items have a niche and are used in various ways. This can be in the form of questing, PVM, PVP, and skilling. The wide array of items is what makes OSRS one of the best MMORPGs to date. This is because you get a …

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