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RS3 Fishing

RS3 Fishing Guide 

Fishing in RuneScape is a relaxing experience that many Gielinorians enjoy due to the communities, afk training methods, and money-making catches. It’s the perfect way to socialize in the game, as many players often chat while waiting to catch the fish. I’ve found so many great friends from fishing, so you may begin training with …

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RS3 Race Overview

Races are a critical part of the RuneScape experience because it makes the game feel more diverse. During your time in Gielinor, you’ll meet all types of characters that represent different races. They can have predetermined stereotypes that add more depth to the game. For example, Goblins are stupid, Elves are intelligent beings, and Ogres …

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Hello and welcome to Runefanatics, the home of comprehensive Runescape guides. Here at Runefanatics, we have a team of dedicated individuals who live and breathe Runescape. Whether that be OSRS, RS3 or anything in between, we have you covered. Our experts work tirelessly to produce guides that will make your adventure stress-free, streamlined and most …

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