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Hosidius Favor OSRS Guide

Intro One of the hugest updates for OSRS was the introduction of the continent of Zeah.  There are three regions in Zeah, one being the kingdom of Great Kourend. Five cities make up Great Kourend: Hosidius, Shayzien, Port Piscarilius, Lovakengj, and Arceuus. Each offers a wide variety of goods and services. But before you can access …

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Tithe Farm OSRS Guide

Intro Farming is easily one of the best skills in OSRS. It’s an excellent passive moneymaking via farming runs. With a high enough Farming level, players can plant spirit trees to give themselves more teleport options. Farming is also a cost-efficient way of amassing key ingredients in Cooking and Herblore recipes. For every OSRS account, …

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Lost City OSRS Guide

Intro Atlantis. Machu Picchu. Quivira and the rest of the Seven Cities of Gold. In fiction and reality, there have been many lost cities throughout history. These cities lost to the passage of time, contain untold treasures for those who manage to find them. For those willing to risk diving down into these rabbit holes, …

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Arclight OSRS Guide

For me, some of the most iconic moments in Old School RuneScape have always involved those legendary adventures to take down the horrific demon or otherworldly creature that has invaded the realm. Quests like the iconic Vampyre Slayer or even the Demon Slayer line are some of the most memorable for me. One of the …

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Tempoross OSRS Guide

Tempoross is a unique boss in OSRS because he is a boss fought with skills rather than direct combat. It is a massive entity made of water, sometimes referred to as the Spirit of the Sea, capable of creating storms and disrupting shipping routes that pass through its territory. While he laid dormant for many …

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Calisto OSRS Guide

Callisto is a magical bear boss corrupted by the evil energies permeating the Wilderness. This means that the bear can only be fought in a PvP area, but to outweigh the risk of fighting it, there are some significant drops that players can earn from doing so. So, if you’re looking for a nerve-wracking boss …

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